Welcome to Total Utility Connections​​
Total Utility Connections was set up to offer a complete personalised service tailor made for our customers to assist them in obtaining Utility Connections in an often confusing and challenging industry. We want to utilise the expertise gained in over a decade of experience in the utility industry whilst offering a fresh new approach to facilitate the utility requirements of our customers. We are looking to maximise the opportunity for real competition by exploring solutions for gas and electricity in the Commercial and Domestic markets by breaking the traditional mould but obtaining competitive costs for the end to end process from Network adoption to service connection and metering.

Our unique vision will allow us to offer a timely, competitive solution that is focused solely on delivering a greater user experience of the utility connections market. We are committed to all our customers, from first contact through to the final deliverables. As we are completely independent we are able to offer solutions on all utility aspects that work best for you, the customer.

Our goal is to be recognised as the most progressive enterprise in the utility connections industry, providing our customers with solutions to all their energy requirements..